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FUDC Podcast

Some friends and I started a new Podcast. For lack of a better name, I went with FUDC. You can download shows from or you can subscribe to the show via iTunes by searching for FUDC.

Some of the subjects we have covered in recent shows  - gun control, drones, rocket stoves, Boston Bombing, GMO foods, self sufficiency, preparedness, HB 76, sheltering in place, disaster scenarios, Foreign Aid, the truth about Benghazhi, Governor Herbert is a Jackass, corruption in UT politics, HB 121, and some of our favorite podcasts and podcasters.

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Some Thoughts on Sandy Hook

Just a few random thoughts I had regarding Sandy Hook, cover ups, false flags, PsyOps, and an agenda to take away rights with staged events.

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Why The States Must Secede To Save America

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Declaration of Independence 2.0: Restoring the Republic


November 15, 2012
Why The States Must Secede To Save America
Radio host Alex Jones today called for a second American Revolution led by states who would secede from the federal government and reconstitute the Republic under the terms of the Declaration of Independence, bill of rights and constitution.
The call for Americans to rally behind a restoration of the Republic and the bill of rights comes on the back of a burgeoning secessionist movement that has swept the country with residents from all 50 states submitting petitions to the White House calling for states to withdraw from the union and form their own independent governments. The petitions have received a combined number of signatures totaling over a million.
During his nationwide broadcast today, Jones laid out the battle plan for secession, emphasizing that states must first secede from the federal government, which has gone rogue, and then use the terms of the Declaration of Independence to restore the Republic, not create a new country.
Jones stressed that he was calling for a cultural restoration in the spirit of the bill of rights – a newly unified America under the Constitution – and not a violent overthrow, noting that it was the states that created the Constitution and the federal government in the first place.
Jones noted that the only course to restoring liberty was clear – “To follow the founding document of the Republic, the Declaration of Independence, wherein it is clearly stated that it is the right and the duty of the American people, when their government becomes destructive and tyrannical, to abolish and reconstitute it in a form that protects our liberties.”
“We are not calling for secession to form new separate countries, we are calling for secession because the states created the Constitution, bill of rights and federal government, and the federal government itself has been hijacked by foreign special interests [1] – mainly banking cartels,” said Jones.
“I am calling for people to be educated about how we can secede to restore the Republic,” said Jones, warning that the media was attempting to characterize the entire movement as a plot to bring down America when in fact America has already been captured and taken over by the political and financial elite.
“This is the states putting their foot down and saying we are going to reconstitute the federal government under the bill of rights and constitution, we’re going to kick out the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, the foreign criminals, and the Federal Reserve who have taken over,” explained Jones.
The radio host also put the call out for Congressman Ron Paul to head up such a movement and utilize his vast network of grass roots liberty-loving activists to lead the charge, as well as using his contacts in each state to begin the process of secession in the legislature.
Harvard constitutional law scholar and adviser to Ron Paul, Edwin Viera [2] appeared on the syndicated radio broadcast and agreed with Alex Jones’ constitutional battle plan, with the declaration of independence as the centerpiece of legal authority.
Ron Paul’s former congressional chief of staff and founder of the Von Mises institute, Lew Rockwell also appeared on the special broadcast and concurred with Jones’ strategy that now is the time to launch our offensive and restore the republic.
The right of the people to reconstitute their government if it becomes oppressive and onerous is clearly outlined in the Declaration of Independence.
“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
Preamble, Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.
In the aftermath of petitions from all 50 states to secede being posted on the White House website and signed by over a million Americans, the secessionist movement has been portrayed as anti-American, unpatriotic and even treasonous. In reality, as Ron Paul has emphasized [3], it is as American as apple pie and George Washington.
The most popular petition [4] out of all 50 that have been posted on the White House website applies to Texas and reads as follows;
“The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it’s citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.”
The call for states to secede from the union, one now backed by over a million Americans, is part of a wider disenfranchisement with how the country has been infested and hijacked by a crony political elite and the principles of the founders decimated.
As over a million Americans express their disenfranchisement with the federal government by supporting a secessionist movement that has spread like wildfire, it is time to call for a new declaration of independence and a new commitment to restore the Republic in the face of an enemy that has subverted America from within.
The United States government has been seized by domestic and foreign banking cartels. This fact is so transparently obvious that talking heads on CNBC now laugh about it [5].
While Americans are being told to brace for tax hikes, spending cuts and a myriad of other austerity measures, the Federal Reserve has been sending trillions of dollars to foreign banks. [6]
The federal government is supposed to represent the states, but it doesn’t, it represents the interests of the political and banking elite who themselves have no allegiance whatsoever to America.
Infowars is calling on patriots to start a movement to draft Ron Paul as the head of a brand new effort to restore the Republic, restore the bill of rights and opt out of the counterfeit America the banking elite has subverted and fashioned to serve their own interests.
The establishment media is already demonizing the secessionist movement as a rag-tag group of fringe kooks and paranoid racists, when in reality as the Daily Caller uncovered [7], it is comprised of former Marines, parents, business owners and ordinary mechanics.
Meanwhile, Obama supporters and other statists have called on the government [8] to punish those putting their signatures to the secession petitions by having them stripped of their citizenship, deported and exiled.
It’s time to re-assert the narrative on secession and put it in its proper context, which is not an infantile reaction to the fact that Barack Obama won the election, but an expression of extreme uneasiness at the direction in which the country is heading, a widespread discontent that has been ongoing for long before Obama even took office, and a new commitment calling on states to nullify unconstitutional laws and regulations and secede from the increasingly tyrannical federal government.
Watch Ron Paul’s farewell speech below in which he skewers authoritarianism in all its forms and captures the true spirit of liberty which should drive the movement to secede from the federal government and reconstitute America under the Declaration of Independence.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

What Freedom Means to Me

Freedom is one of those words that is thrown around by everyone - even those who spend most of their lives trying to restrict yours. In fact, with the election looming, I'm sure you can hear all of the candidates promising more freedom - which is of course, a bold faced lie.

Freedom means different things to different people. To Obama, it means taking away our 2nd amendment. To Romney, it means just taking away your battle rifle. To Jefferson, it meant refreshing the tree of liberty with the blood or tyrants and patriots.

But what is it really? Is it even obtainable... or just an ideal that sounds good? When we were very young, we would refer to "old" people. But as we got older, "old" was really a moving target, and we'd hear phrases like, "you're only as old as you feel." Is freedom like that? Is it a moving target that we never catch up to?

When we think about our most basic needs - Air, water, food, shelter - it is obvious that to deprive someone of any one of those would be a serious crime. Yet, the government wants to control EVERY ONE of our most basic needs.


Air is life. We can't live without it. The government has written many laws that punish us for air pollution, burning restrictions, and where we can erect signage. This seemed reasonable. After all, if someone pollutes the air with poison that I will breathe, I can't do anything about it and it could kill me. If someone started a bonfire in their back yard and started burning rubber tires and green trees... it might really upset their neighbors. If they threw Styrofoam coolers on it, they might even endanger their health.  But, what seemed like a good idea - to allow government to make laws regarding our air, might not have been such a good idea after all. As usual with the government, if you give them an inch, they will take a mile. Now, rather than just protecting us from poison gasses, and black smoke from next door... they have passed absurd emission laws for vehicles that have deprived us of efficient transportation and the most efficient long-term power generators. They have passed laws saying that you can't smoke cigarettes or cigars on the beach, in bars, cars, or even in your own home! They have made it against the law to burn wood in your own fireplace. And yet, this same government exempts itself and it's largest donors from pollution regulations. Cities, power companies, hospitals, and industrial plants are the largest polluters, yet they are exempt from most pollution laws. What's even worse, is that the government uses our tax money to deliberately spray a cocktail of poisons and heavy metals into our skies, in the form of chemtrails.

Between, city busses, power plants, sewage treatment, landfills, chemtrails, police cars idling 20 hours a day, and sirens going off all hours of the day - I would say that the government has a hell of a nerve telling us that we can't smoke or burn logs in our own homes because it is bad for the environment. This is not freedom.


In Utah, the power company has declared a pre-existing right to all ground water. Of course, this is absurd. Some lands have been passed down for generations, and those land owners have always believed that the water above and below their property should be available to them for their water needs, be it to water their plants, their livestock, create a pond, or use it for their own drinking water. This OBVIOUS right to the water is what gives the land its value. This is logical, and is understandable to anyone with a third grade education. But power companies making $Millions or $Billions in profits, can afford to hire an army of lawyers to steal from us because we are unable to legally defend against such a powerful assault. Most property owners are so busy doing everything that they can just to pay their mortgage, and taxes so that they can keep their land. They can't afford the time or the attorneys' fees required to fight a multi-year court battle with an army of lawyers who represent some of the most lawless criminals ever imagined. Even if they could afford to present winning arguments, there is no guarantee that the power companies couldn't bribe the jury or the judge. So the land owner has no choice but to beg for permission to use the water, or to buy water from a municipal water provider. This water is usually laced with toxic waste and other poisons, pumped through lead, copper, and plastic pipes. In addition to the cost of water, the municipalities almost always charge "sewage" charges for removing the waste water and reprocessing it. In most cases, the sewer charges are higher than the water charges, and they won't provide you any evidence of how much waste water that they actually took away from your property. The water you drink, feed to the dog, water your lawn and garden with, etc, is not processed by them - but with no proof and no recourse, they just send you a bill and you pay it. Not only are you now FORCED to buy inferior water, but you are also force medicated - unless you can afford to filter the water yourself to remove the fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine, and other toxins that the government hides in your water to drug and poison you with. This is not freedom.


Seeing as food, like air and water, is essential to life, it would seem obvious that the government would not interfere with your right to grow your own food and medicine. Think again. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. It was started by John D. Rockefeller, who placed far more stock in profits than he put in human life. His only concern with human life is that he control it, and that he have a monopoly on that control.

Under the guise of "protecting us", the FDA has allowed Frankinfoods to be used in nearly all processed foods, allowed dangerous drugs to be administered to children and adults, permits known deadly toxins to be used as a sweetener in almost all processed foods. And yet, some folks who dare to grow their own food, run the risk of being beaten, raided, and robbed by and army of armed government thugs. Once they have fined you, destroyed or stolen your property, food, and natural medicine, you then have to defend yourself in court multiple times, at your own expense. It doesn't matter that there is a conflict of interest, that the city who has charged you with the "crime" is also paying the judge who will determine if the law is just. Your persecutor and only hope of justice are on the same team and have the same boss. This is NOT freedom.


 When I was growing up, we were taught to save our money... Invest... Settle down. At the risk of going off on a tangent, I will point out that the fiat money system now makes "saving" your money one of the WORST financial things you can do because every new dollar that is printed out of thin air, makes your dollars value decrease. So many people began to invest in homes and other real estate.

Back then, a man's home was his castle. Today, as we have seen above, the government doesn't care if you own the land or not. It still feels that it is entitled to tell YOU, the land owner, what you can do with the land. Government decides if you can build, what you can build, if you can use the water on the land, if and what you can grow on your land, and where you can grow it - if they see fit to grant you permission to use your own land to feed yourself. That is absolutely outrageous! But wait... there's more! Not only do you need to ask permission to use your land, develop your land, drink or irrigate from your land, to grow plants, to burn wood, or to smoke.... but you also have to pay the government an arbitrary and ever increasing tax - every year - for the privilege of having your property within their city/town/state boundries. So think about that. After YEARS of saving to get together a down payment, groveling to a bank for a loan - where the borrower gives the bank actual cash and instant equity in the property, and the bank gives you  a 40 year mortgage - a piece of paper saying that you owe them payments, totaling 3x what the price of the property is worth. All this, so that you can live on some land and ask permission for EVERYTHING that any human being should consider a basic human right. And once that bank note has been paid off, and it is finally time to relax and enjoy life. Except then, you have the constant threat of the out of control government taking everything away from you if you don't pay them a tax (which is by then higher than your original mortgage payment), or if you plant the wrong plant, sell the neighbor a tomato, or burn your tree in your fireplace. This is NOT freedom.


The men who started this country were willing to risk their lives over an unfair tax of 2%. Yes... TWO PERCENT. Maybe they realized that 2% was just the proverbial camel's nose under the tent. But the founders demanded liberty, and were willing to fight to preserve their right to be free... to be left alone... not to be forced to pay for something that they didn't want or weren't getting.

So when I think about about freedom, and I think about the outright LIE that we keep being told... that "we live in the freest nation on earth", I become angry, and sick to my stomach. We do NOT live in the freest nation on earth. We live in what USED TO BE the country with the greatest opportunities on earth. The fact that some worthless creature from another country, masquerades as a lawful citizen and a legal president of this country and that the media and the rest of government do NOTHING bothers me, but doesn't keep me up at night. The fact that this puppet of the International Banking Cartel wants to sign a piece of paper and send his minions out to enforce illegal laws (that are in direct violation to the constitution - the highest law of the land) and confiscate my property, deny my natural right to defend myself and my family... I don't worry too much about that. Knowing that the government plans to further erode my freedom with internal checkpoints and armed thugs determining if we can travel, or if they should treat themselves to fondling our genitals or groping my wife or my teenage girls isn't what bothers me most. I don't worry too much about a billion dollar "listening" facility that monitors every electronic conversation, message, fax, purchase, blog, or file transfer. I don't lose sleep over the prospect of the government stealing more of my business, and forcing me to buy stock in a corrupt medical system that I wouldn't use if my life depended on it... especially if my life depended on it.
I don't worry too much about those things because the die has been cast. I can't influence or change them. I know where my 'line in the sand' is, and I will do what I feel is right if and when the time comes.

But what really bothers me more than anything else, is that our arrogant government believes that it is entitled to deny me my most basic rights. It bothers me that while the freedom lovers argued about stopping the new world order... that it was implemented right under their noses, in plane sight. The politicians, the bankers, the lawyers, the ruling elite, are laughing at how easy it was. They mock us, and are now so filled with hubris that they believe that there is nothing that they can't do. They know that we are so dumbed down, so weak - morally and physically, so hypnotized by American Idol, Sports, and dancing with the stars, so afraid of losing our power, water, garbage collection, free babysitting at the government indoctrination camps, our wi-fi networks, our welfare checks, our farm subsidies, our football teams, our free concerts in the park ... so afraid of being tasered, that we will just roll over and pee down our leg if they raise their voice. Next they will just march us into their new housing projects - slightly larger than a jail cell - and tell us it is for the good of everyone. Then they will have all of us slaves on the plantation, disarmed, dumbed-down, scared, and dependent. They will continue to kill us until they get us down to a manageable 20% of the population. Then, maybe they will rest... when everyone capable of resisting is gone. That is not freedom. I prefer to think of another option...

What freedom means to me, is self-sufficiency, self-governance. The freedom to exercise all of my basic human rights, without interference.

I dream of converting depleted soil back into black, healthy, productive, mineral rich top soil... of raising my own livestock to provide me with eggs, meat, manure, and seed-ready soil... Of a root cellar full of potatoes, onions, garlic, corn, apples, squash, canned vegetables, cured ham, and pumpkins. A pond and a creek teaming with fish, frogs, and birds. A fence with a sign warning unwanted guests that once they cross that line, they will be treated as a threat just like any other trespasser with criminal intent. Trees with fruit, nuts, shade, and stored energy. A power system that is completely independent of the grid. A view of nature where I can watch the sun rise, the wildlife in their natural habitat, and a sky free of chemtrails, power lines, or buildings. My self-governance would make me supreme ruler of all of my land.  I would NOT ask permission for anything that I believed were my basic natural rights. I would decide how much to smoke, drink, eat, burn, and irrigate - based on what I believed would best serve the continuation of a healthy body and property. I would decide if, when and how an animal should be slaughtered, butchered, and preserved. I would decide if some of the water from the creek should be put into a cistern or used to generate electricity. I would determine if my children should be able to drive a car or a motorized vehicle. I would decide who could enter my property. I would decide if and how much I should pay some government parasite in taxes. I would decide if people I invite onto the property should have guns, and if they should be allowed to carry them. It would not be a government free zone... I would govern it - and ONLY me. I would be free in my mind, and in my actions. I would be free from stress, because I wouldn't have to worry about if my food was designed to be a slow kill weapon, if my water was treated to cause weak bones, dementia, and slow learning. I wouldn't be worried about some goon with a gun groping my wife or kids, or asking them to walk into an x-ray chamber with no protection. I wouldn't be worried that forced vaccinations are just another name for chemical warfare, I wouldn't be concerned about grocery stores with a three day supply of food running out because of a power outage, an act of war, a riot, or a collapse of the financial system. I wouldn't be concerned about my neighbors killing my family for their next meal - or an agent of the law killing me because I refuse to give up my gun and go peacefully into their controlled housing. My freedom would be from the inside out.

As a teenager, freedom came when I left the supervision of my parents and took responsibility for feeding myself, educating myself, protecting myself, and housing myself. Over time, the government has tried to enslave me against my will. They have violated my privacy, contaminated my air and water, destroyed the value of my savings and investments, and turned my food into poison. They have orchestrated a plan to sterilize the population, and created a tax and school system designed to break apart the family unit. They believe that they have won, that they have us right where they want us. But I believe that some will simply wake up, and walk out. Just as we walked out of our parents homes as teens, we need to once again decide to do for ourselves.

In my vision of Freedom, we build our own energy efficient home - don't live in the bank's house. Repair the soil and grow our own food - don't poison the earth with Monsanto chemicals and GMO seeds. Create a natural balance, where the cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs naturally work the ground, maintain the plants, and control disease. Develop our own mini power plants with wind, water, and solar. Plan our power consumption with the idea that the more efficiently we use it, the less they will need to produce or store. Enjoy reading, writing, and conversation. Practice horseshoes, cross-country skiing, and walking instead of watching TV or going to the gym. Plant flowers, clover, and hang a bird feeder to add beauty and attract nature. Put up bat houses to control mosquitoes. Make fishing poles and raise worms, to improve soil, feed your birds, and enjoy fresh fish. Grow barley and hops so we can brew our own beer. Grow grapes, plums, and berries, to provide our own wine. Grow tobacco and comfrey to have something to smoke and trade. Grow an orchard of apples for fruit, juice, cider, and vinegar. To me, this is as free as one can hope to get. Some people might believe that such a life would be too hard. But to me, nothing could be as hard as watching this country spiral toward socialism and total destruction of all that was once good. To me, that is more than I can bear. Freedom isn't free, and it isn't easy, but none of the best things in life are. Freedom is worth fighting for.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ascorbic Acid is Not Vitamin C

(Reprinted from The Doctor Within)

This will be a short chapter, but after you’re finished with it, you will know more about vitamins than 95% of clinical nutritionists, doctors, supplement sales force, or bodybuilders. If that sounds arrogant or overstated, it really isn’t my fault. I’m just a messenger; a purveyor of information. Either I’m right or the 95% are right; can’t be both.
Without further ado, here’s the kernel: ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. Alpha tocopherol is not vitamin E. Retinoic acid is not vitamin A. And so on through the other vitamins. Vast sums of money have been expended to make these myths part of Conventional Wisdom. If you have several college degrees and all this is news to you, don’t feel bad. Unless you think your education ended at Commencement. Which is generally true.


Vitamins are not individual molecular compounds. Vitamins are biological complexes. They are multi-step biochemical interactions whose action is dependent upon a number of variables within the biological terrain. Vitamin activity only takes place when all conditions are met within that environment, and when all co-factors and components of the entire vitamin complex are present and working together. Vitamin activity is even more than the sum of all those parts; it also involves timing.
Vitamins cannot be isolated from their complexes and still perform their specific life functions within the cells. When isolated into artificial commercial forms, like ascorbic acid, these purified synthetics act as drugs in the body. They are no longer vitamins, and to call them such is inaccurate.
A vitamin is
“a working process consisting of the nutrient, enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and trace minerals activators.”
- Royal Lee “What Is a Vitamin?” Applied Trophology Aug 1956


Dr. Royal Lee was the pioneer researcher in the field of whole food vitamins. For decades he documented the basic facts summarized in this chapter. His work has never been scientifically refuted. Anyone who seriously undertakes the study of vitamins today corroborates Lee’s work. His story is a fascinating study in itself, a study of indomitable perseverance in the pursuit of true principles. Jensen tells us that Royal Lee’s work will not be appreciated until the next century.
Hasn’t happened yet.

Lee felt the full weight of organized drugs/medicine bearing down on him. Reading like something out of Schindler’s List, we learn that the FDA not only persecuted Lee for challenging the economics of synthetic vitamins, produced by giant drug companies, but that he was actually ordered by a court to burn all his research of the past 20 years! Burn his research! When has that ever happened in this country? They didn’t even do that to Larry Flynt.

Going off on a tangent, ever wondered how the FDA attained its present position as attack dog for the drug companies and food manufacturers? It’s another whole story in itself. The precursor of the FDA was the Bureau of Chemistry. Up until 1912 the Bureau of Chemistry was headed up by a man named Dr. Harvey W. Wiley. Here’s a quote from Dr. Wiley that illustrates where his interests lay:

“No food product in our country would have any trace of benzoic acid, sulfurous acid or sulfites or any alum or saccharin, save for medical purposes. No soft drink would contain caffeine or theobromine. No bleached flour would enter interstate commerce. Our foods and drugs would be wholly without any form of adulteration and misbranding. The health of our people would be vastly improved and the life greatly extended. The manufacturers of our food supply, and especially the millers, would devote their energies to improving the public health and promoting happiness in every home by the production of whole ground, unbolted cereal flours and meals.”
- The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law, 1912

Now obviously we can’t have a dangerous lunatic like this in charge of the public nutrition, can we? Dr. Wiley actually filed suit against the Coca-Cola company in an attempt to keep their artificial product out of interstate commerce, and off the market. Fortunately Wiley was eventually replaced by a saner individual, more attuned to the real nutritional needs of the American people, as determined by the experts who knew what was best for us: the food manufacturers. This was Dr. Elmer Nelson, and in his words we get an idea of the change in philosophy that marked the transformation of the Bureau of Chemistry into the FDA:

It is wholly unscientific to state that a well-fed body is more able to resist disease than a poorly-fed body. My overall opinion is that there hasn’t been enough experimentation to prove that dietary deficiencies make one susceptible to disease.”
- Elmer Nelson MD
Washington Post 26 Oct 49

Bernard Jensen illustrates how the tobacco industry and the food giants like Coke were indirectly behind the legal persecution of Royal Lee. Cigarette ads in the 40s and 50s showed medical doctors promoting the digestive benefits of smoking Camels. Or the advertising of Coke and other refined sugar foods stating that “science has shown how sugar can help keep your appetite and weight under control.” (Empty Harvest)

During this same period, Royal Lee was kept in courts for years, fighting to keep the right to advertise his vitamin products, because he was a threat to the food manufacturers. Lee knew they were poisoning the American public. He proved that refined sugars and devitalized, bleached flours were destroying the arteries and the digestive system, causing heart disease and cancer.
(To continue reading the complete chapter, please visit Natural Whole Food Vitamins )